Henrik Lundqvist for Bread & Boxers by Jörgen Brennikce

Jörgen has worked once again with the great combo of bodywear brand Bread & Boxers and New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist. Here is the new film. Enjoy.

Joseph Ford for Avaunt Magazine

2.5 kilometres of blue gaffer tape, seven assistants, two anamorphosis artists, two parkour artists, one derelict swimming pool in Glasgow

They spent three days in freezing conditions setting up and shooting this anamorphic tennis match and loved every minute of it. Everything is for real. The tennis court was laid out by hand by a team of ten people under the direction of Nicolas and Laurent from TSF Crew. The parkour artists jumped off balconies, ran sideways along the walls and generally risked serious injury to create these images.

New image to the family 'Small world' by Manuel archain

To see the full series click on the image

Exhibition in Geneva - 'Miniature World' by Manuel Archain

Go and see Manuel's exhibition in the Galerie Rivoli in Geneva till May 6th


Cédric Deslaux about 'Zone de Repli' tonight at the Silcencio, Paris

If in Paris today don't miss hearing CÉDRIC speaking about 'ZONE DE REPLI'

Ce soir, Vendredi 15 Avril, Conversation sur 'Zone de Repli' au Silencio
19h00 / 142, rue Montmartre, Paris

Join in having a look at Joseph Ford's portfolio

Cédric Delsaux has shot French singer Christophe in his Studio for Numéro Magazine