Joseph Ford - Finalist for AOP Awards 2016

The curator of the Environment category selected this image from Joseph's recent shoot for Avaunt Magazine to feature in this year's AOP Awards, held at the Old Truman Brewery in London.

The project involved taking a disused swimming pool in Glasgow and working with street-art specialist to install an anamorphic tennis court using 2.5km of blue gaffer tape.

Jörgen Brennicke for áhkká

Jörgen shot the new Campaign for áhkká Outdoor Wear in Myrkdalen, Norway. The models are Monica Skovgaard and the Swedish adventurer Renata Chlumska. http://ahkka.se/

Jörgen Brennicke for Nividas

Jörgen shot the new Campaign for Nividas Swedish eyewear. They design, produce and sell unisex eyewear at an affordable price.

Hyperrealistic Intimacy / A new series by Manuel Archain

That absent look, present in the movement of a sculpture when it is isolated and exposed as what it really is: details assembled in which we look for identification.

The uncomfortable lack of context and the body which reveals folds, stains, textures that we generally try to hide and erase, may these be what we really feel attracted to after all? Sculpture, as well as photography, invites us to pause. As if captured by an abyss, we are moved by the curiosity for someone else's body, but mainly, by someone else's intimacy.

A photography that pretends to be a sculpture invites us to pay attention to the detail, unable to spin around, we have to accept that the other sides are there as well. We are obliged to accept that the piece has been edited for us, making us focus on one part of it only. In each case, the study and the election of the instant of movement are present. Even inviting us to doubt its existence as a sculpture.

Almost laughing at ourselves. We may recognize ourselves in them, either as a whole or in pieces, trying to discover ourselves. That absurd human intention to represent what is real, and to keep looking for the repetition of what is quotidian with the slightest detail, almost an exercise of personal analysis when we want to be in someone else's skin.

Out now - New Peak Performance Campaign by Jörgen Brennicke

Jörgen photographed FW16 Campaign for Peak Performance in Vancouver.

Manuel Archain shot the Coca Cola Meals Campaign

New Film for Urbanista by Jörgen Brennicke

Swedish Head Phone Brand Urbanista is designing for life in motion. This summer Jörgen worked with music producer Dhani Lennevald - film and still images.