Microadventures by Rawness.

Jörgen Brennicke, Chihiro the dog and Roland on a Microadventure in the Stockholm area.

Exhibition 'A Girl Called Friday' in Brooklyn

Go and see Diana Scheunemann's work at the Slideluck Northside in

Brooklyn tomorrow, Saturday, from 6.30pm.

New images from her series 'A Girl Called Friday'.

Manuel Archain shooting for Sony Mobile International

This time we were in fantastic Madrid.

Nature Nailed It.

Marc Beaussart for Cent Magazine, London

Model Maker : Olivier Djalayer
Post Production : Martine Fabien

Link to Cent Magazine

Die neuen Gesichter der annabelle Werbekampagne

Photographer Jörgen Brennicke, Creative Direction Hans Siegwart/By Heart, Art Direction Nonda Coutsicos/By Heart, Styling Daniella Gurtner, Hair&Make-up Nikita Fischer, Rachel Brady, Production Monica Pozzi, Retouching RBLS Rebel Studio Stockholm


Props/Still Life Stylist: Giulia Querenghi
Post Production: Romuald Habert@Digitline

Die kleine Welt des Herrn Manuel Archain

Wenn wir alle wirklich so klein wären? Die Zeit Jung über Manuel's Serie 'Small World'.