Pia Grimbühler


After obtaining her diploma in photography in 1998, Pia worked as a freelance photographer in Italy before going on to study Marketing and Media Management.

Fascinated by the diversity of Mediterranean food, she started to specialise herself in food photography. Everything that comprises the world of food. Since then she has regularly worked for magazines and advertising.

Her photographic studio, a spacious loft, is equipped with a professional kitchen that satisfies all requirements, both gastronomic and photographic. With a wast stock of props, an almost inexhaustible source of backdrops, decorations, china, cutlery and much more.

Her clients include:

Erdgas Zürich, Grand Hotel Waldhaus Sils Maria, Knorr, Migros, Traitafina, Twinings Tea and her images were featured in Beef, Marmite, Landliebe, Saisonküche